Welcome to Southern Love

Hey Y’all!

Southern Love is a way of living, we have our sweet tea, we have our churches on every corner, as well as liquor stores. We love to have big family gatherings, cookouts, fish fries, and parties. We tend to only invite  the family members we like, no shade. We just don’t get along all the time or at all,  and that’s perfectly ok!


We may not see eye to eye, but we will be at your funeral giving each other the side eye, whispering to the person next to us, “I can’t stand them.” Yet smiling  in your face, Southern  Love it’s all about the show.

Hope Y’all Enjoy!

Remember  ya’ll not everyone in the South eats fried chicken, but if you fry it just right. We won’t turn it down!

Don’t forget to connect with us  on Facebook @ southernlove and on instagram: @southernlove803



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