The Sweetest Things

Hey Y’all!

We were shopping at the grocery store yesterday and these caught my eye, Muscadine Grapes. When I was growing up we called them bullets.

My Aunt Jessie Lee had a tree in the front street of her house. One of us fearless kids would climb the large tree and shake it. As the rest of us kids stood underneath, waiting for the dark sweet goodness to fall. Y’all it was like black hail falling from the sky.

We spent our days eating from muscadine trees, fig trees,  pear trees, plum trees, peach trees,  and blackberry bushes. We also sucked from honeysuckle bushes. We ate with wild abandonment, we were in paradise living in the poorest part of South Carolina. The sweetest things, that were free to us then, are so expensive in the grocery stores today.

Many take the small things for granted, not knowing the treasures that surround you. So take a look around and be thankful because life is amazing, just enjoy it.

-Southern Love

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