How to take Blush Pink into Fall

Happy Friday Kittens!

I hope that y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and aren’t suffering from any food comas! In my last post, I discussed how I was going to incorporate more color into my wardrobe. If you missed that post, feel free to click here to read it. Well I’m excited to share this blush pink outfit.

Blush Pink over the past few years has managed to become one of Fall’s go to colors. Fashion is constantly changing, and blush pink is transcending throughout all the seasons. You can literally wear it in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Pastels such as light blue, lavender, and blush pink just to name   a few have truly become the stars of Fall fashion and I’m totally here for it.

Blush Pink for Fall How to Take Blush Pink into fall

How to Wear Blush pInk in the fall How to Wear Blush Pink for the Fall How to Take Blush Pink into fall

Mohair Blush Pink Sweater(similar, similar, similar)skirt(similar, similar) /Boots/Hat(similar)

Blush Pink Mohair Sweater

I cannot even begin to express my love for my new sweater. It’s a Mohair sweater, which is basically an Angora sweater. I purchased this sweater from Nordstrom but it’s currently sold out, but no need to worry. I have found some similar  and more affordable versions. One more reason  that I love this ribbed, mock turtleneck is because it’s a crop top and it’s incredibly warm and fuzzy.  Since the temperatures are getting cooler, I knew this sweater was an investment I had to make.

I’ve paired my blush pink sweater, with a tweed skirt that I purchased from H &M. Unfortunately, this skirt is sold out, but I  did find some tweed skirt options. Tweed is one the oldest Fall trends, it adds a level of elegance to any outfit. It’s such an incredibly chic and classic trend that  will never go out of style. I think that every fashionista should own an article of clothing that’s tweed. Whether  it’s a blazer, pants, shorts, or in my case a skirt you should definitely invest in a tweed piece.


I’ve decided to pair my pink sweater and tweed skirt, with a pair of Michael Kors ankle boots, in the color Luggage. These boots are  absolutely beautiful they’re made of supple suede and leather. They fit like a dream and I cannot wait to wear them with even more fabulous outfits. As y’all know I love my hats, it doesn’t matter what type of hat it is. So I decided to wear an adorable blush pink beanie with a pom pom. Personally, I feel like a Fall outfit isn’t complete without a great pair of boots and a hat. Always remember if you’re not sure about your outfit just add  boots and a hat and you can’t go wrong!

I hope y’all enjoyed this post, and I hope that everyone has a fun, fabulous,  and safe weekend!

Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments section!

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