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There are quite a few things that Southerners love more than anything; Sweet Tea,  Jesus,  and Chick-fil-A.

Chick-fil-A, is a restaurant that is  mainly based in Southern states. It’s insanely popular especially in South Carolina. Chick-fil-A embodies the entire spirit of the South from its delicious food, and its amazing southern hospitality.

The minute you enter a Chick-fil-A, you are greeted by a clean, friendly, environment, and smiling faces. When you walk up to the counter the cashier will say “ Hello there! Welcome to Chick-fil-A, How are you doing today?” Honestly, when they ask you that you feel like they truly  care and want to know how you’re doing. It’s amazing walking into a Chick-Fil-A is like being among friends and family.

Once you’ve ordered your food, the employee will say “ It’s been a pleasure serving you, I hope you have an amazing day.”  Chick-fil-A is the place to be on a Saturday, but when you eat it through the week it’s a real treat.

When  you eat at Chick-fil-A, you will never be disappointed.

     -Southern Love

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