The Most Amazing Meat Appetizers for Parties

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 I think everyone agrees that food can make or break any party. In this post, I’m going to share with ya’ll three of the most amazing meat appetizers for parties.  These southern recipes are easy, mouthwatering, and savory. I’m sure that y’all know how much I love to entertain, I mean every year I have a Christmas party, which you can read about here.   I also love to cook all of my food is homemade and made to serve a large group of people.

 I typically invite about 35-40 people into my home for my annual Christmas party,  so it’s imperative that I have enough food and it must be delicious. When hosting a party it’s also important to give your guests a choice of meat appetizers.  I chose to serve southern style hot wings, pulled pork with rice, and a mouthwatering pepper meatball recipe. Every meat appetizer recipe that I’m sharing in this post is easy and fairly quick.  They’re also inexpensive so  if you want to throw a party or have just a few friends over. These recipes are perfect because they won’t  break the bank, but they will go over quite well with your guests.

The Most Amazing  Meat Appetizers for Parties

Meat Appetizer for Parties:

Southern Style Hot Wings

The Most Amazing Meat Appetizers for Parties

The first meat appetizer recipe that I’m sharing with y’all is  for my southern style hot wings. These southern style hot wings are one of my favorite things to cook. I love hot wings because they go so well with anything. Hot wings are the perfect meat appetizer, for a party. I have never met anyone that didn’t enjoy a delicious hot wing. I think hot wings are America’s favorite party food.  After all the possibilities are endless if you make these as your meat appetizer. You can dip them in ranch dressing,  blue cheese, and if you’re southern then you know how great they are with potato salad.

This recipe is a simple and quick because you don’t need to flour your wings. You just fry them and cover them with your choice of  barbecue and hot sauce.  Then you place the hot wings in the oven on 350 degrees for about 5 minutes. They’re  put in the oven, in order to get a nice sear on them. The full recipe for the hot wings can be found here.

Meat Appetizer for Parties:

Pulled Pork with a Mustard Based Barbecue Sauce


In the south pulled pork, is meat covered in barbecue sauce. Barbecue is very popular,  and it not something that is just eaten at a cookout. Pulled pork is a delicacy, it’s served at weddings, graduations, events, and parties.  I chose pulled pork because it’s immensely popular and it’s  such an effortless dish to prepare.

I use pork shoulder or a Boston butt for my pulled pork recipe. You season your pork shoulder with salt and pepper and you can put in the oven or a slow cooker for about 6-7 hours. I told you this recipe was so easy, you just  wait for your meat to cook and then you cover it in barbecue sauce. I prefer a mustard sauce with pulled pork, but you’re welcome to use any flavor. Once you cover your pulled pork in barbecue sauce it’s ready to serve, one of the easiest dishes you will ever prepare.  The full recipe for this amazing and delicious pulled pork can be found here.

 Meat Appetizer for Parties:

Pepper Meatballs

The Most Amazing Meat Appetizers for Parties

Lastly, I like to serve homemade pepper meatballs,  I don’t like store bought meatballs they never taste good.  I cook my pepper meatballs with fresh ground beef and breadcrumbs.  You can prepare your meatballs in the oven or they cook them in a crockpot.  They are also very inexpensive, you can make a great deal of them. It’s the perfect dish to serve to your guests. This is the best meatball recipe, and it can be found here . These are my go to meats to serve anytime I have a party. They’re super easy to make and they’re extremely delicious!

I hope everyone enjoyed this post!

Feel free to leave a comment and I hope y’all are having a wonderful holiday season so far!


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