The Most Magical Time of the Year: How to Make a Snowman Christmas Tree

Happy Holidays Y’all!

I cannot believe that Christmas is almost here, it seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Thanksgiving. I absolutely love Christmas time and I especially love Christmas decorations. When it comes to decorating anything for this time of year there is no such thing as too much. You can go completely over the top. I personally think, since Christmas is such a magical time of the year, you should go big or stay home.

I love the fact that you can buy Christmas decorations or you can create your own magical decorations. I love creating things from scratch, I really enjoy talking a look at ordinary objects and using my creativity to make something beautiful, fun, and enjoyable.  For example in my post Believe In the Magic of Christmas: How To Make A Life-size Elf on the Shelf , I made my very own life-size, Elf on the Shelf when I was unable to find one.

In this post,  I will demonstrate how to make a Snowman using a white Christmas tree.  Once your snowman is finished you can use it to decorate the  inside or outside of your home. All the materials that I used to construct my snowman were purchased from Hobby Lobby. After all in the south Hobby Lobby, is the go to place for everything craft related.

The first thing you will need is a snowman tree topper, I purchased mine from Hobby Lobby. I used red ribbon as his scarf and I  added the red berries for a bit of a decorative touch.

After you’ve found your tree topper, you will need a  white pre-lit Christmas tree. You can use a skinny tree or a normal sized tree. I’m using a four foot tall skinny tree because I wanted to create  a fun and whimsical snowman Christmas tree.   As I mentioned earlier, I purchased my tree from Hobby Lobby, but they can be purchased in a variety of places.




You will need three shiny black Christmas ornaments in order to make the buttons for your snowman. I used a hot glue gun to ensure that my buttons stay in place. Since you’re building a snowman, your snowman will need arms. You can use white pipe cleaners, but I decided to use real sticks from my own yard and painted them white.

Here is my finished Snowman Christmas tree,  I hope y’all enjoyed this post.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

-Southern Love

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