The Perfect Plaid Dress for a Budding Fashionista

Happy Friday Kittens!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful New Year! I cannot even contain my excitement for this blog. As many of you guys already know I eat, live, and breath fashion. I study it and research it religiously…lol. However, this post is a little different because it involves someone that is super important to me.  One might even say that she’s becoming a mini me…my little sister Grace. She is nine years old and I must say that she is a budding fashionista. As young as she is, she already has her own fashion sense.

Grace is strong-willed, opinionated, and she knows what she likes.  She usually picks out her own clothes and is quick to let her displeasure be known. She’s so unbelievably confident, strong,  very self-aware, and  I admire that in her. Grace is so  smart, kind, and a joy to be around, whenever you ask her how she’s doing she says” I’m Great!” She’s the happiest person I know and not to mention she has a great eye for fashion.

My mom and I have been debating featuring her on the blog, because we wanted her to be old to enough to decide for herself. She didn’t hesitate as a matter of fact, she ran into her room and began putting outfits together.

The Look

The Perfect Plaid Dress for a Little girlThe Perfect Dress for Little girlsThe perfect plaid dress The Perfect plaid dress

Shirt//Knee High Socks//Boots

The Plaid Dress

I think it’s safe to say that Grace has been a lover of plaid  since she was a newborn baby. Grace is a Southern girl in every sense of the word, she adores dresses and big bows. Since plaid is a quintessential must have for Fall and Winter fashion. We knew this would be a perfect first blog post for Grace.

 Grace is wearing a red plaid dress from Ralph Lauren this one is currently sold out. Instead of wearing a turtleneck, we opted for a classic white button down shirt. A crisp white shirt adds an air of sophistication and polish to any outfit. We decided to pair her plaid dress and white button down with black knee high socks. If you’re unable to find knee high socks tights are always a great alternative. However, Grace was adamant about wearing these knee high socks and we wanted to make sure that she had as much input on her look as possible.

Grace, loves big bows they’re a part  of her signature look whenever you see Grace you’ll see a large Southern style bow. She hates wearing her hair out and so she’s usually rocking them on a daily basis. Lastly, she is wearing her favorite black combat boots. She loves these  boots and literally wants to wear them with every outfit. Combat boots always create a great balance between hard and soft, which makes for a pretty fashionable outcome. 

I hope y’all enjoyed Grace’s first fashion blog post,  it certainly won’t be her last. She’s a lover of all things fashion and I couldn’t be happier that my sister is a mini fashionista. It must run in the family…😊

Don’t forget to wear your masks…

Always remember to be Fierce, Fabulous, and Fearless! *Muah*

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    January 15, 2021 / 9:45 pm

    Grace you are Beautiful in every way and I am trying to hold back the tears! I love who you have become!

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