Sweet Tea with the Serial Killer Realtor Todd Kohlhepp

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Todd Kohlhepp is a name that I nor my family will ever forget. Sometimes you meet people in life that you will never forget for reasons unknown to you. However, in this case I’ll always remember his name. I often think how things could’ve ended so tragically  and I’m so  thankful that they didn’t. So let’s just start from the beginning, honestly if this story didn’t happen to my family and I don’t think I would’ve believed it.

A few years ago, my family and I were living in Greenville, South Carolina. My husband Ernest was stationed in Afghanistan at the time. It was just me and Jennifer, and we were making the move back to Columbia. Jennifer was going to be attending USC and Ernest was going to be at Fort Jackson.

So I wanted to put the house on the market,  I randomly called Weichert Realtors. The lady I spoke with on the phone, was excited to help me. She told me,  “I have the perfect realtor for you, he is a beast and a go-getter.” I was extremely excited because I wanted the house to sell quickly. She told me his name was Todd Kohlhepp, she gave him my information and assured me that he would be in touch.

The Serial Killer Realtor Todd Kohlepp


Meeting Todd Kohlepp

Todd called me back within the hour, he was nice enough over the phone. When he came to the house, I was home alone we talked, drank some sweet tea, signed a contract, and we shook hands. What I didn’t know was that this  man had already  kidnapped and assaulted  a young girl.  He was  given 15 years and was  a registered sex offender in another state.

He had moved to South Carolina and was able to become a licensed realtor. In South Carolina, you don’t have to  disclose any prior convictions, which is how he was able to start over.  He put the lockbox on the house, took pictures of the house, and he also made flyers. Jennifer and I were in that house alone, and he had the key to the house via the lockbox.

Also unbeknownst to me, Todd had already murdered four people, at a motorcycle shop. He went in and explained to them that he wanted to learn how to a ride motorcycle. They allegedly laughed at him, so he left and came back with a gun. He murdered four people in cold blood, because they laughed at him.


Todd Kohlepp the Creepy Realtor

When Todd, finally met Jennifer things changed a bit. He would ask her out and she would always politely decline, but he was persistent. Todd often bragged that he had his pilot’s license and he would love to take her out to dinner in another state.  Jennifer told me that he made her feel uneasy, because she didn’t trust  a man that didn’t wear undershirts under his dress shirt.  He used to sweat so much and he always made her  feel a little  uncomfortable.  He would stop by the house at least three times a week, just to bring fliers or law books for Jennifer.

I was receiving so many showings, it seemed like he was always around. The house sold in six weeks, and we were so relieved.  Even after we moved he kept trying to maintain contact with us. The crazy part is that the house we bought and the house Todd bought a few years later look eerily similar. Our house number is 321 and his house was  123. He found Jennifer on Facebook and tried to communicate with her, but she ended up blocking him.  He would always promise that he would come to Columbia and visit us, thank God he didn’t.

Todd Kohlhepp the Serial Killer

Todd Kohlhepp the serial killer realtor

Well fast forward to 2016, Jennifer was watching the news and she saw his name and picture. She said “I know that guy, that’s Todd Kohlhepp!” It turns out that Todd was  a serial killer and had killed a total of seven people and buried some of  them on his property. I rushed to get my closing paperwork and sure enough there was his name.  In an interview, he stated that he didn’t kill people that were nice to him. I think the only thing that saved Jennifer and I  was the fact that we always treated him with kindness. I remember he even said that to me one day, he said “Juliette you guys are always so nice to me and I really appreciate that.”

Well y’all Todd Kohlhepp is back in the news as of August 2018.  He told investigators that there were more victims, more bodies you can click here for the story. I try not to think of the what if’s.

Y’all  I still cannot believe that I had sweet tea with the devil. Todd was  a rapist, kidnapping, murdering son of a bitch. Thank you Weichert Realtors, for unleashing a monster on so many unsuspecting people.  I have no more words.

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