How to Make US Army Soldier Approved Deviled Eggs

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It’s 2:30 in the morning and I’m fresh out of the shower.  My husband Ernest, who is in the military, told me  late yesterday “Oh yeah, we’re having a pot luck tomorrow. Can you make some deviled eggs?”  So here I am boiling eggs at 3am in the morning,

 I boiled about two and a half  dozen eggs, always boil a little extra, because there will always be rebels that won’t fall in line and do what they’re supposed to do.

               The eggs are rinsed and peeled and ready to be split in two.

   I put the yolk from the eggs, I split into a separate bowl.

Be sure to crumble your egg yolk with a fork.


Next, we have our ingredients which includes:

-Miracle Whip Mayonnaise


-Paprika (It’s a topping, do not add in mixture!)

-Real Bacon Bits (optional; it’s a topping, do not add in mixture!)

-Salt (optional, because you may choose to use bacon) and Pepper

-Sugar (just a pinch, and it’s optional)

-Sweet Pickle Relish 

After you crumble your egg yolks in a bowl. You need to add in your  ingredients (except for the Paprika and Real Bacon Bits they’re the toppings). I have been making deviled eggs for so long. I do not measure anything lol! However, be sure to add your mayonnaise a little at a time in order to get the right consistency.

After you’ve mixed all your ingredients together, your mixture should be a little stiff.

Add mixture to piping bag, if you don’t have a piping bag a teaspoon will be just fine. Fill your eggs whites, with your mixture.

Just add a pinch of Paprika  and a pinch of Real Bacon Bits( because everything’s better with bacon!)

TADA! You’ve made beautiful deviled eggs!

 Then you wrap up your beautiful deviled eggs and send him on his way at 5:05 am.  Thank you for your service!

-Southern Love

Hope Y’all Enjoy!

Remember  ya’ll not everyone in the South eats fried chicken, but if you fry it just right. We won’t turn it down!

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