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The Best Homemade Meatball Recipe

Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 30 mins
Course Appetizer
Cuisine American


  • Stove
  • Crockpot (optional)


  • 4 lbs of Hamburger meat
  • Pepper
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 package of McCormick Meatloaf Seasonings
  • 2 slices of bread **I use whole wheat, but you can use whatever bread you prefer.**


  • First, put your 4 lbs of hamburger meat into a bowl.
  • Then, you begin to add your ingredients,  I like to use whole wheat bread and crumble them into a bowl.
  • After you add your bread, add 1 cup of milk, 3 eggs, pepper,  and McCormick Meatloaf seasoning.
    ** I don't use salt because the McCormick seasoning is enough.**
  • Once you've finished mixing your ingredients into a bowl, you can begin to roll your mixture into a ball.
  • Preheat your oven to 350 degrees, and continue to roll your meatballs, and place them in a dish. Allow your meatballs to cook for about 25-30 minutes.
  • Once the meatballs are finished I remove them and placed them into a crockpot. While they're in the crockpot, I allowed them to marinate in gravy on low and then they're ready to serve.  You can use any type  of sauce that you like, I just always prefer to serve them covered in brown gravy.