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An Amazing Saturday Morning Spent at the Soda City Market

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The Soda City Market, takes place  in downtown Columbia  it’s located on the  1500 block of Main Street, and it’s completely  free. Since it’s occurs on the weekend parking is free, you don’t have to worry about feeding a meter in order to park. The market is a lovely place to be on a  Saturday morning. The market occurs every Saturday without fail from 9am-1pm, regardless of the weather the market always takes place.

It’s a large outdoor market where you can socialize and buy  from local vendors. The vendors offer an array of different items that you can buy.  It seems as if everyone that lives close to the downtown area is always there to just walk around and enjoy all the different activities that the market has to offer. People from all over the state come to the market because it’s a great place for small businesses to get a lot of foot traffic.

The Soda City Market

If you’re ever in the Columbia, South Carolina area and need some entertainment, then you’ll love the Soda City Market. I always love going to the market on Saturdays especially when the weather begins to warm up. You can socialize with all the local vendors and you will probably see a ton of familiar faces.  Not to mention once you reach the end of the market you’ll reach the South Carolina Statehouse, which is surrounded by a great deal of Historical Landmarks. It’s also not that from the infamous University of South Carolina horseshoe, which is a wonderful place to read or throw a frisbee.

What can I buy at the Soda City Market?

Honestly, there are so many wonderful things  you can probably find it at the market. The best part is that majority of the products are handcrafted and entirely  authentic. The products are natural and cruelty-free, so if you looking for a great handmade soap. There is a wonderful woman that sells the soap, and it smells absolutely incredible.

You can also find fresh fish, homemade kettle corn, fresh fruits and vegetables, handcrafted signs, jewelry, and candles.  You can buy clothing for men, women, and children, and you can also buy furniture. I remember one Saturday, I was walking and I saw a couch downtown for sale. If you like vintage items or as I like to call them “other people’s old crap” then the Soda Market is certainly for you…lol. If there is something that you’re desperately searching for and you’re unable to  find it in local stores, it’s probably at the market.  One of the best things about the market is that you can purchase mimosas at 9am in the morning. If that doesn’t make you want to join in the fun, I’m not sure what will.

Supporting the Local Talent

One of my favorite aspects of the market is the local and diverse talent. On Main street, you more than likely find an older gentlemen selling and playing his own handcrafted guitar. The talent that goes into creating an instrument from scratch and then being able to play it so beautifully, is quite a sight to behold.

Then there are the young woman that are always dancing and inviting any and everyone to dance with them. It’s truly amazing to see the diversity that may not always be represented in the south. However, the market offers a look into the traditions of different cultures. The market is one giant party; great company, amazing food, and awesome music.  It’s a wonderful place to see young musicians accepting donations to keep furthering their musical journeys. You also catch musicians playing out there simply because it’s a great place to showcase the new music they’re  working on.

The Food

Food is always going to bring to people together and the Soda City Market doesn’t disappoint. There is variety of different foods that everyone can enjoy. There are food trucks, tents, and some vendors have small carts where you can find delicious food. South Carolina is a huge melting pot of different cultures and the market allows you to try  foods from different countries.

You can  enjoy foods from Latin American, Middle Eastern, Asian, and African countries just to name a few. Of course since we’re in the south and you’re going to find a vendor that sells fish and grits. If you love food and are always looking  more diverse options, you will truly love the market.

 Child and Pet Friendly Environment

The Soda City Market, is a great environment for families, it’s extremely child and pet friendly. In fact I think they’re just as many pets as people.

Meet Dog West


Meet Dog West, he is truly an icon of Columbia, SC. West is completely synonymous with the Downtown area. You will probably catch him walking around and you might even spot him at the Soda City Market. The atmosphere is just amazing,  I encourage everyone to attend it’s a marvelous experience.

P.S. If you try to act foolish, the police are everywhere! 😃

Hope y’all enjoyed this post and if you ever in Columbia, you need to come out to the market. You won’t regret it, if you would like more information,  be sure to click here. 

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