How to Prepare for a Hurricane Florence (2018) When You’re a Southerner

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How to Prepare for a Hurricane,”  is a sentence that I never thought I would have to  type. However, we’re expecting company and her name is Hurricane Florence and she may be worse than Hurricane Hugo.  Hugo was a Category 4 hurricane that hit in 1989, we were stationed in Munich, Germany at the time. So we didn’t experience that storm at all, but Hurricane Florence is quickly approaching South Carolina and other surrounding areas.

  We are currently under a State of Emergency, and government officials are telling us not to panic and to remain calm. However, panicking is what Southerners do best…we don’t respond well to any type of horrific weather. When it snows the entire state shuts down, even if it’s just an inch or two. If we’re under  tornado watch, we panic, so you know Hurricane Florence on the way we’re in full- panic mode.

When Preparing for a Hurricane: Don’t Panic

How to Prepare for a Storm: Don't Panic

We all know as soon as you tell someone not to panic, the first thing they do is panic. So telling the entire state of South Carolina not to panic, when a Hurricane is coming is a fruitless and futile thing to do. So we’re  going to share a few tips that you need to know when preparing for a storm.

How to Prepare for a Hurricane Always Get Gas…

How to Prepare for a Storm: Get Gas How to Prepare for a Storm: Get Gas

Okay, so around 8:15  Monday morning Jennifer and I were on the move. Unfortunately this is what we saw when we arrived at our local gas station. We have to drive little further out, but we were finally able to  gas and fill up.

How to Prepare for a Storm: Go to Walmart

Preparing for a Storm: Go to Walmart

In the south Wall-Mart is the place where you can find any and everything you need when you’re preparing for an emergency.  We arrived at Wal-Mart around 8:50am and we saw our friend at the bakery. Jennifer and I  spoke to her for a few minutes and then whispered  “Do y’all have water?”  As if everyone  coming in through the doors, weren’t after the same thing…WATER!

Then Jennifer, began looking at the fruit and eyeing the pineapples saying something about how she’s eating clean. I’m looking at her and talking to her with my eyes GET TO THE WATER!” 

Empty Water Pallets

We were met with nearly  empty  shelves of water, but we were able to get the water we needed. We then proceeded to find a few other items, and this is what we found….

Empty Shelves of Nearly Everything

As a matter of fact, this always happens when there is a State of Emergency. There are never any eggs…like the first thing you’ll want to do is make scrambled eggs or an omelet during a natural disaster.

The bread is always gone as well, which is understandable because you can make a lot of sandwiches.

It truly feels like the calm before the storm, there were no batteries. So I went looking for candles while Jennifer waited in the check-out line. I go to the Wal-Mart at least two to three times a week,  I  know where everything is.  However, I had no idea where the candles were  I stood in the aisle for a few minutes. I was in panic mode. Then I noticed that the dishtowels were on sale, and  naturally I grabbed a few.

How to Prepare for a Hurricane: DO NOT FREAK OUT

 The one thing you cannot do is freak out, although I’m trying to remain calm I cannot help, but to freak out. So I went back to help Jennifer, check out. It really hit me how real this situation is. She said ” I found some lighters, where are the candles?” I looked at her and I said “I don’t know, but I found these dishtowels on sale.” Since we’re under a State of Emergency; schools are closed, so they can be turned into shelters  and people are  battening down the hatches. I pray that everyone finds a safe place to hold up during this hurricane. Please keep us in your prayers.

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Juliette and Jennifer
Juliette and Jennifer

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