This Pepper Steak Recipe is the Most Savory One Ever

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This Pepper steak recipe is the most savory  one that you will ever find. Over the years I have experimented with this recipe, I’ve used different cuts of meat and various seasonings. However, I feel like I have finally created the most savory and easiest pepper steak recipe. Pepper steak, is  a beef stir fry that uses fresh peppers, soy sauce, and sesame seed oil. It’s such a colorful dish and I absolutely love colorful dishes. If you love colorful meals as much as I do then, you will love my recipe for a colorful and zesty pasta salad, which can be found here.

 I’m currently planning my third annual Christmas party, which means I also have to plan a fabulous menu. Everyone knows that  if the food isn’t wonderful, then the party is an epic failure.  I served this dish at my first Christmas party and it was a hit. Since I haven’t posted a recipe in a while I thought this would be a great one to share. It’s a quick, easy, and absolutely delicious dish. So keep reading for the step-by-step recipe, and the savory finished product.


As always before I begin cooking anything, I have my list of ingredients ready.

Ingredients for Pepper Steak Recipe

– 1/2 Cup of Soy Sauce

– 1 -2 tablespoons of Sesame Seed Oil

– 2 to 3 tables spoons of  Vegetable Oil

-2 tablespoons of Cornstarch

-1 Packet of Asian Stir Fry Seasoning

-Black Pepper

-Assorted Bell Peppers

-Top Sirloin Steak

What color bell peppers should I use?

What color peppers should I use for my Pepper steak recipe

 You can use whatever color bell peppers that you like, however just know that the different color bell peppers truly enhance the flavor of this pepper steak recipe. The red bell peppers, are the ripest and the sweetest of all the peppers. The yellow and orange peppers are in between in their ripeness;  the green peppers are not ripe and are less sweet and more bitter in comparison to the other peppers.

I personally love for my Pepper Steak dish to be colorful, therefore I use red, orange, yellow, and green bell peppers.

This Pepper Steak Recipe is the most savory one ever

Always remember to  wash and dry your peppers. I like to cut them in half, it just makes it easier to thinly slice and clean them.

I begin to cut them on my cutting board and once I’m finished I set them aside on a piece of a foil.

After you’ve set aside your cut bell peppers, you will need to add 2 or 3 tablespoons of  vegetable oil for your steak in a pan. You should set your stove to medium heat, and wait for the  oil to heat up.

What’s the best steak to use for a Pepper Steak Recipe?

What's the best steak to use for pepper steak

I always use a top sirloin steak when I make pepper steak, because it’s a lean cut of meat. All of the bone, the tenderloin, and the bottom round muscles have been removed. Which means that it’s easily cut or sliced into smaller pieces. Since pepper steak is a stir-fry, you will want your steak to be thinly sliced.

Top Sirloin is the best steak to use for a Pepper steak recipe

Once your oil is hot, you add in your meat, stirring continuously until your meat is brown. After you meat begins turn to brown, you will add in; 1/2 cup of  soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of sesame seed oil, 1 Asian stir fry seasoning packet,  and  black pepper (as needed for taste.) 

*I don’t add any salt to this recipe, because the soy sauce is salty enough.*

How to Season and Cook Your Peppers

In another sauce pan, I add black  pepper and sesame oil to my peppers. I toss my peppers around on a medium heat until fork tender. When my peppers are done, I set them aside off the heat.

Combining the Peppers and Steak Together

The Easiest and most savory pepper steak recipe

Then, I begin to add my meat in with my cooked peppers.

In a pan I  add  2 tablespoons of cornstarch to my sauce, just to thicken it.

Allow your Pepper Steak Recipe to Simmer

A quick and easy pepper steak recipe

I pour my thickened sauce over my steak and peppers and allow them  to simmer for about 5-10 minutes on medium heat.

The Most Savory Pepper Steak Recipe Ever

A quick, easy, and savory pepper steak recipe

 As I mentioned earlier this recipe is so quick, easy, and delicious, it’s also a low-calorie dish. I like to serve it over  white rice, but if  you’re trying to be more health conscious you can substitute brown rice or quinoa.

Hope y’all enjoy this delicious and savory  dish!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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